Password Policy for the Investor Relations website
The importance of the password

Most modern information systems protect personal information using an individual password. Your password is the key that allows you access to your information, and for this reason it is necessary to take measures so that no one else has access to it.

Security and Convenience

To guarantee easy use and ensure that your password is secure, investor relations registration has the following characteristics:

  • Automatically generated password: This guarantees that you do not use a personal password (mail box, bank or workplace password, for example) for your IR registration. Using another password or using one password for all systems is highly discouraged, because detection of the password for one system could compromise the security of all others. An automatically generated password eliminates this possibility.
  • Easy to remember password: The individual, system-generated password sent to you is formed of syllables to help you remember it, without compromising security.
  • The password may not be changed at will: Studies of information systems have shown for decades that 40% of all passwords chosen by users are easily discovered. For this reason, our system does not allow you to change your password for one you prefer. This measure is designed to safeguard your privacy. If you wish to change your password, please contact us and you will receive a new password.
  • Password reminder at any time: If you forget your password and want to change your information, just request that it be resent by e-mail. The process is simple and immediate.
  • Your e-mail is your user name: When logging on with your password, IR registration does not use a user or login name of your choice, but rather your e-mail address. This way, you have one less thing to memorize and may have registrations for each electronic address.
  • Your password is stored securely: Our systems apply all the soundest security practices to maintain your password and information completely private.
Precautions with your password
  • Do not reveal your password to anyone, including work colleagues, assistants or secretaries, even when you are traveling or on vacation.
  • Do not use your IR password for other systems.
  • Do not send you password to anyone via e-mail. The e-mails concerning your registration or password reminders should be kept in a secure place or preferably deleted. Never forward them to other people.
  • Do not write your password on paper. Memorize it or use the “Password Reminder” resource.